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Friday August 2, 2019 Historic News, Titans Capital Partners is pleased to announce that it has launched the first Nationwide Minority Healthcare Financing Program for Licensed Professionals. This program is dedicated to assist these professionals with "Unique" business and personal needs and goals that sometime traditional banks and secondary lenders don't understand or not in a position to accommodate.

Our Goal is to help these Professionals expand, grow, create more value at their practice and make a better Impact on the communities they serve.

This epic task and mission, was spearheaded by Titans Capital's Founder and Managing Partner, Mr. Semay Rashad after seeing a major disparity of services and resources at several urban and inner city hospitals and clinic locations. The common theme it seems always came down to the same underpinning systemic issue, the lack of access to capital or bank underwriting rules and ratio don't alway allow for approval or the bar is to high to qualify for funding for. A lot of our Highly Skilled proud Professional Healthcare workers have chosen to serve in what some call our less desirable ,lower income neighborhoods in major inner cities or urban are "suffering silently "due to a lack of Capital.

Most of these professionals are underserved, overlooked, and miss out on New Business Development marketing campaigns or call opportunities by banks and other financing sources. Our program has us strategically working with a strong funding partner behind us that will allow us to us create custom funding solutions for Minority Professionals to help them create better work environments, improve equipment, facilities, technology, hire personnel as needed and help manage better Cash - Flow or birth new ideas that can be Game Changers for their practice or the industry.

Our Financing Program will allow these Professionals the opportunity to borrow Working Capital in ranges from $50,000 - $500,000 with great rates and favorable terms (subject to lenders underwriting and conditions).

This is an exciting time for our firm and our outreach drive across this nation on this great promotional move of "Get The Word Out" campaign and is well on it tracks and is being enthusiastically received across the country.

* As a final note, while program is to help increase awareness and access to capital for Minority Licensed Professionals we want it to be known that our Program is Open to ALL Healthcare Professionals regardless of race, ethnicity, color, nationality, disability or gender and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and Financing company.

Funding To Grow Has Arrived For Us!

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